Milena Spaan

Digital designer | teacher

July 2018

Crossover Creativity

Starting in September with the master 'Crossover Creativity' from the HKU to solve some wicked problems.

July 2018

Playing the city

My students are making an app with game elements to play as an user in the city Den Haque ot Berlin. The project is made by a colleague and me for the 'Keuzedeel Interaction Design'.

March 2018

Work in process for Monument Magazine

January 2018

Making a custum made Wordpress theme especially for

November 2017

Teaching Micro:bit to primary school children as a volunteer for

Oktober 2017

Pledg - Identity and webdesign

Pledg is a startup in France who wants to introduce a payment system for buying tickets as a group. If you want to buy tickets for your friends at once; with this system, you don't have to pay all the tickets yourself but your friends get the payment directly. I made together with Piaton et Associes in Paris a proposal for the identity and the online media.

Juni 2017


TBWBAY is sort for 'This Babydoll Will Be A Junkie' and it is an art project from artist Ulrike Möntmann.

May 2017

Helping out Healthy Entrepreneurs with setting up a Wordpress environment

Februari 2017

Field Expert and Assessor for the HU

The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht) have asked me in 2017 to be a Field Expert and Assessor for the Certification of VMBO teachers in the Netherlands. VMBO is a pre-vocational secondary education in Netherlands.

The VMBO system is changed from August 2016. The teachers are now working in the field of Media, design and IT (MVI) and that is a new profile since 2016 when the two old profiles (MV and ICT) where combined into one.

April 2016

3 new projects

Currently working for three projects with long and interesting names: 'Give A Damn', 'This Babydoll Will Be A Junkie' and 'I Can Change The World With My Two Hands'...

April 2016

4 months with PingPong & Dawn; making new rules for the Eneco identity