Milena Spaan

docent | developer | designer | digitale geletterdheid
docent Techniek @Hogeschool Utrecht

Nov 2022 - Feb 2024

For SLO I'm working at the 'Kerndoelen Digitale geletterdheid' for primary and secondary education in the Netherlands.

Minor Educational Games & Digital literacy

2022 - now

Minor Educational Games & Digital literacy

As a minor coordinator and teacher I'm enjoying this minor from September until February every year. Look at the minor HU site.

Minor Educational Games & Digital literacy

Jan 2021 - now

At Hogeschool Utrecht I'm a teacher @'Lerarenopleiding Techniek'.

Padualaan 97

Jan 2022 - July 2022

Thieme Meulenhoff asked if I was willing to be the content expert for the 'Keuzemodule Digispel' (VMBO).

Aug 2021 - Feb 2022

I Love 2 Code

At XR-lab Hilversum I made with interns a prototype of a VR-game for my idea 'Love 2 Code' using programming puzzles to interest teenagers in programming.

. Love2Code startscherm game

Jan 2020 - June 2022

@Mediacollege Amsterdam I was for 2 years an ambassador for 'Meer meisjes in MBO Techniek' from VHTO


June 2020

Game 'Dresscode'

Together with students of Mediacollege Amsterdam I developed a game about learning to code. In this game you can make your own pattern on a dress with coding. I used this idea to present my thesis: 'How can you promote curiosity in the field of technology by girls (ages 8 to 12'), for my master study Crossover Creativity 'Crossover Creativity'.

Game Dresscode

Sept - Dec 2019

Fashion & Programming

For a half year I was giving an after school series of workshops every Friday afternoon at 'Basisschool de Bron' in Amsterdam about 'Fashion & Programming' supported by VHTO. The kids we're working with Micro:bits and - for example - t-shirts to create their own wearables. I was looking if this combination made programming more attractive for girls.

Fashion Programmeren cursus Amsterdam

Dec 2019

Workshop 'Slimme Beanie'

For 'De Nieuwe Makers' I was together with Judith Hoekstra and Alfred Houdijk giving a workshop 'Make a beanie with electronics' as a christmas holiday activity for kids.

July 2019

DigiVita Summercamp for coding girls

For VHTO I was giving a workshop 'Make a one-pager website' in HTML and CSS for girls from 10 until 15 at the Digivita Summercamp in order to let girls think about programming as an option for their career. It took place at Startup Village in Science Park Amsterdam.

DigiVita Zomerkamp Amsterdam

July 2019

Sneaker Challenge Summercamp

The Sneaker Challenge Summercamp at the Marineterrein Amsterdam was a week for childeren from 12 until 17 years to interest them more in technology combined with design. I was giving a workshop 'Wearable Tech' with Flora RGB Smart NeoPixels to created fashionable sneakers.

Sneaker Challenge Amsterdam

April 2019

Curiosity for tech and science by childeren

My master research is about 'Activating curiosity by childeren (8-11 years) in the field of technology and science', therefore I'm researching and for this research I interviewed and talked with a lot of people last half year. Now I'm making my first prototype for an interactive workshop together with kids for summer 2019.


July 2018

Crossover Creativity

Starting in September with the master 'Crossover Creativity' from the HKU to solve some wicked problems.


July 2018

Playing the city

My MBO students @Mediacollege Amsterdam are making an app with game elements to play as a visitor in the city Den Haque or Berlin. The project is made by a colleague and me for the 'Keuzedeel Interaction Design'.

Nov 2017

Teaching Micro:bit to primary school children as a volunteer for


Feb 2017

Field Expert and Assessor for the HU

The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht) have asked me in 2017 to be a Field Expert and Assessor for the Certification of VMBO teachers in the Netherlands. VMBO is a pre-vocational secondary education in Netherlands.

The VMBO system is changed from August 2016. The teachers are now working in the field of Media, design and IT (MVI) and that is a new profile since 2016 when the two old profiles (MV and ICT) where combined into one.

Feb 2016 - June 2022

Working as a teacher programming @Mediacollege Amsterdam (MBO) for Software developer.

June 2015 - Jan 2018

Working as an independent (web)designer and developer in a shared space.

@Tussen de Bogen (Amsterdam)

Tussen de Bogen

Jan 2015 - June 2005

Thonik + Kummer & Hermann

Working for Thonik (Amsterdam) and Kummer & Hermann (Utrecht) as a graphic and digital designer.